For Kids

I've picked some unique and/or cool gifts for that preteen and younger crowd. If you're recipient has entered their teen years, check out my Graduation/Teen/College Gift Guide.

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Luxe Aspen Bunny

A soft cuddly bunny. Although you might think this is just for little ones, stuffed animals can appeal to all ages. A Heart StringGifts pick.

Break Your Own Geodes Kit

This interactive gift can be for girls and boys. And depending how big and pretty that geode is, mom may have to display it! A HeartString Gifts pick.


How cool is this kit? Let their imagination take over in creating these figures. And when they are done, they can play with them. I know a few kids who would love these. A HeartString Gifts pick.


"Not parent approved" Game

Santa brought this game for our kids last year and it was a huge hit. We played it almost every night of Christmas vacation. Luckily its carried in stores and not just Santa sourced.

Passback football

A football lover but no one to play pass back and forth? This football was designed for one. As long as they have a hard wall to throw it against, the ball comes back to them. Genius.   

mermaid blanket

An aspiring Ariel? At the age where they love anything unicorns, mermaids and pink? They can cuddle and live their fantasy of being a mermaid. Tank not included.           


terrarium kit

Want to give them something to do? Everything is included to create their own habitat. Left over fairy garden remnants? Add those and its a living fairy garden.


Budding scientist or future doctor? Get them a microscope kit so they can see how small things can be. This kit comes with all the tools and some slides of animal and plant cells.

Chain Reactions

A LEGO kit that comes with directions on how to build moving machines. If your recipient is a LEGO lover or likes to engineer new things, this looks like the perfect gift.


Bath Bombs

Bath bombs. A fun way to get your kids to want to take their bath plus these come with a little surprise inside after the bomb dissolves. There are a variety out there, so depending on the age and gender of your recipient, you can personalize to their taste as well.

Knitting loom

My daughter had this and loved it. An easier way for them to learn how to knit something and they can actually create something for them to wear.

play tent

My kids loved forts and tents. Whether in the middle of the living room in winter or out om the lawn during the summer months, this kept them entertained for hours. Lots of different styles to choose from, but this one looks magical.


DIY Drone

This drone gets pretty good reviews, isn't too spendy and its a DIY. Sounds like a great project that, when they're done, they get to play with.

Nerf N-strike elite jolt blaster

i made my son review my picks.. he insisted i add something nerf related so he found this to add. he and his cousins love nerf battles and at least these don't hurt when you get (mistakenly?) hit..

Lego Skyline kits

LEGO lover? Traveler? These LEGO skyline kits are so cool and will keep them busy while they dream of seeing the real city some day. This is the London skyline, but there are New York, Chicago and other skyline kits to choose from.


lunch box

There are some kids who don't mind getting a practical present and what better way to make those school days better than a lunch box that shows off their style?

snack bag

This cute little snack bag has my niece's name written all over it. An insulated bag for snacks at school or at camp.

Gift Cards

A gift card for their favorite games, ITunes or stores will let them choose their favorite gift. Money is always welcome at certain ages as well, that they can save for a rainy day.