What is The Home Envy?


Thanks for stopping by. This is my first post on my site The Home Envy. I’ve always wanted to share my ideas and loves, so here we go! I'm not completely sure where this will take us (so tell me if there's something you're really interested in or curious about), but I’m so excited because it’s something that I’m creating and  the possibilities are endless.

First ... The Home Envy?  Usually the word envy can be negative. Envy suggests you want something someone has and you're jealous.. But The Home Envy isn't about the jealous version of envy.  It's about inspiration, something to reach for - seeing something you really like and want for yourself.  That's what this site is about - a place for me (and hopefully you!) to share things about Home.   “Home is where the heart is”, right?  That’s how I feel about my home. Its not about the walls, roof and floors. It’s the people in it, the meals you share, the conversations you have, the memories you make ... the things that make you feel good, comfortable and loved.

My vision is that this space will give you a place to come for ideas to create that home – and not a space where you are simply  envying what I show you, but inspiring you to create the home and lifestyle that may make others envy you. Hopefully that leads to your friend, sister or someone else in your life to notice what you did and ask you for your ideas. Don't worry, I've got your back. If I can help you, and you then help just one person in need of a gift or a new meal idea, that's when envy is a good thing.

And while this site is named The Home Envy, I will post on things that you may not consider home. Home is a lifestyle.  I’ll include things I love like fashion, beauty, food and travel. And kid stuff. Yes, I have kids so I know that’s a big part of home. I don’t profess to be a beauty or fashion blogger, nor am I a chef or interior designer. I’m a mom, who has figured some things out along the way, learning from other influencers - and if anything I’ve learned can help one person out there, I’ll share it.

So please enjoy, use or ask about anything you see on this site. Hang tight while I figure this whole thing out and I look forward to going on this journey with you! And a sincere thank you for stopping by The Home Envy.