May’s Thrift Store Challenge

Thrift store shopping Inspo

Good morning everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying this Memorial Day weekend and getting a chance to do whatever it is you like to do (or need to do). Today I’m part of another thrift store challenge. I did this once before (here) and it was so much fun that I joined up with my amazing blogger friends again. Once I’m done with my finds, I’ll give you links to see what they found and did. I have to say, I am not a thrifter given this is only the second time, but I am a shopper and going with no idea of what I would find was somewhat worrying and somewhat exciting.

As I wandered around a new thrift store – Arc Value Village – I started to enjoy myself. Last time I went to Goodwill, I found enough things to use and was impressed with the $20 I spent. But you know what? Arc was priced lower than Goodwill! I wandered around the home area and started to see a trend. A lot of people must not want their crystal or their silver (albeit tarnished) anymore. And it was all $2.99 or $1.99!

I found a cute little coffee pot – I think it’s pewter – and thought it would be cute used as a pot with flowers. I then found a silver water pitcher and two trays. I continued to look around and found a silver cup that I think is a mint julep cup. I wish they would have had a set of those but I guess that’s too much to ask. I made a few more rounds and found an old Windsor back chair that I almost took for $5.99 but I left it there.

My checkout total was $12.57. What?! Yes $12.57. For all these silver and pewter pieces. The silver pieces were pretty tarnished so I attempted to clean them up. I honestly don’t mind the tarnished look but the water pitcher had that rainbow effect on it and it was pretty dark. Plus someone had placed and then removed a sticker to it so it had a black square on its side. Luckily the silver polish I used did a decent job to lighten up the water pitcher and took off the dark mark from the sticker. The other pieces I tried to clean up but the tarnish was so far gone that I gave up.


Here in Minnesota, Spring weather has been cold and rainy so our flowers are just starting to pop. So I relied on some of my trusty faux flowers and greens to finish this project. I put them in our screened porch and added a few items from around the house. Some faux succulents and a green glass vase I had from World Market added a little something to the one tray, while an old clock added some character to the other.


I think it adds just that right touch of vintage and the flowers add that summery vibe to our porch. What do you think? For under $13, I got the pewter coffee pot, the silver water pitcher, two silver trays and that cute silver cup. I had the flowers, succulents, vase and flowers to add to it. I needed to share this picture with my little helper peeking in this shot.

As I mentioned above, my talented friends are all waiting for you to stop by and see what they found and did with their thrift store finds. Have a beautiful day everyone.