A Spring DIY for your home

An easy and inexpensive spring DIY + beautiful DIYs from my friends!

Hey everyone, happy Spring! Today I have a cute little DIY and I’ve also teamed up with some of my blogger friends who have some other beautiful DIY ideas for Spring decor. They were the same group of bloggers who gave us all those great Valentine’s decor DIY ideas.

It’s been such a long winter here that I’ve had to decorate for Spring inside before the weather caught up outside. When our group talked about doing a Spring DIY project I went looking at items online as well as at little shops looking for inspiration. Then I went to Michaels. So hard to control myself as they have so much cute stuff. It’s no longer a place just for crafts. I seriously love all their home decor items. So when I was there and trying to think of a project, I found some little birds nests and those just spoke Spring to me. I started to look for a project I could do that would incorporate them. And, as you know, I love signs and signs are so easy to incorporate into any home style. I decided to do a spin on a sign and framed these little nests with a backdrop. The back drop could be any words you want, but I chose some Spring music. What I love about this project is it’s easy and could be done with things you already have at home. I’ll show you a variation too so you get the idea.

As a prep for this project, you can google “sheet music” and find an image. I googled “Spring sheet music” and found this one. Since I had an 8x10 frame, I printed the music to fit onto an 8.5x11 paper (I used a craft colored paper but you can use any color or white) and left enough of a border around it so it could be cut down to 8x10. You could do this with a Spring poem or a Spring saying. If you don’t have a printer or don’t want to have words, use a printed paper as the backdrop.

So let’s look at my project and after I’ll give you some links to check out my friends and their projects.

What you need

  • Frame (any size)

  • Paper – printed card stock, printed saying, printed music (as explained above)

  • Ribbon

  • Scissors or cutter

  • Embellishment like a not, flower, keys … anything!

What you do

  1. Measure ribbon to length of drop in front and then enough to capture into backing of fame

  2. Cut paper to the size of the frame insert

  3. Place paper in frame and then put back cardboard and glass

  4. Attach ribbon to the embellishment. Mu nest had a wire pick on the back so I twisted it into a loop and tied the ribbon onto that.

  5. Put ribbon and embellishment in place on front of frame and then draw ribbon over back of frame and into area with frame glass, close frame backing over ribbon to secure the ribbon

  6. I added a few ties to my ribbon by cutting a 3-4 inch strip and knotting it around the hanging ribbon.

  7. Done!

Here’s another spin on it if you don’t have a nest. Find some keys (I had old skeleton keys but you can find keys in the scrapbook section at Michael’s). You could use a flower and tie it to the ribbon. Or a little carrot. Anything. I’m also now envisioning this for a Fall or Winter idea. You could just change out the backdrop and maybe the embellishment depending on what you chose.

OK, now for the fun part of hopping over to my friends’ blogs to see what they’re up to. I introduced them all back in our DIY Valentine post so if you missed that, please check that out so you can learn more about them. These are seriously talented women but what I love most about them is that they are relatable. They aren’t going to show you things that are impossible to make unless you’re a serious crafter nor are they going to use things that make your project an expensive endeavor. So please check all of them out and give them a follow on Instagram as well as sign up for their alerts.

First up is Cate of West Magnolia Charm with her beautiful wreath. Everyone needs a wreath for Spring and this will carry you into summer too! I just love the soft colors. I just love it.

Wreath by Cate of West Magnolia Charm

Wreath by Cate of West Magnolia Charm

Kayleigh of Rusty Barn Blog made these adorable concrete eggs and put them in a nest. She wrapped even wrapped them in twine. So cute!

Dani of The Taborhood made beautiful marbled eggs. They look just like the eggs the Easter Bunny used to leave for me. I love how she has them hung. Beautiful!

Robyn of Robyn’s Reverie has you covered with a beautiful spring centerpiece. This would be perfect for an Easter tablescape. Look at the cute little bunnies she made. Love it!

And that’s a wrap! If you make any of these and are on Instagram, please tag us so we can see!

Next week we are on vacation but I’m going to be giving you some Disney tips every day and then will assemble them all here when I get back. Have a beautiful day!