Adding Spring to your Home

Easy spring Updates (plus a DIY arrangement)


Today I’m going to show you how I add Spring to my home. If you’re not one of the lucky ones with warm weather and flowers starting to pop up, and it’s still cold and snowy where you are, I am with you. Spring always arrives late in Minnesota, and even when we think it’s here we hold our breath because Mother Nature always gives us one last blast of snow. I find decorating my home for the upcoming season always makes me feel better and anxious to enjoy the aspects of that season. So for Spring I add flowers.

I love adding flowers in different ways to my home. Now, I do love real flowers and when I have the chance or see some I like, I buy them. But adding faux flowers or greens to your home can be very budget friendly and, well, they last so much longer. And they don’t have the maintenance or clean up of course!

In addition to showing you how I add touches of spring with flowers or greens to my home, I have a quick DIY floral arrangement that can be done inexpensively or with just shopping your home.


A vase with fresh flowers or some great faux tulips always looks great on the kitchen counter. The kitchen is where I spend most of my time and its always nice to have that focal point to make you feel like its something special. If you have a great floral scented candle, light it up and it doesn’t matter if your flowers are faux!

The counter is always an area that can look cluttered and I don’t like a high vase that blocks my view or takes up a lot of space. Sometimes just a simple vase or container is enough to give it that special touch. If you go for real flowers but don’t want to spend on a big bouquet, buy a bundle of carnations (yes carnations!) or alstroemeria all in one color. It makes an impact, can usually be found year round, and the bunches don’t cost as much as your bouquets that have the token roses or lilies.


A big basket near the front door is a great way to welcome guests and show that you have a pretty and inviting home. Its also a great idea to fill up a bare corner. I usually leave these blue hydrangeas through spring and summer, and then change out for sunflowers in September and evergreens in November. For height, I have some birch cuttings tucked in along with some extra greens to fill in the space. The greens are always a little less expensive than the floral stems, so its a great way to stretch your money and have your basket full. The birch cuttings also work with the sunflowers and the winter evergreens I use in this basket, so it makes it easy to change out the greens but get more use out of the birch cuttings.

Our entry way also has two benches that, if left alone are perfectly fine, but adding a basket with some flowers next to it adds interest and another way to dress the area up from season to season. For spring and Easter, I added some rabbits to decorate the space. Changing out a pillow to a spring color also helps change it up.

Accent Tables

Another way to add spring or summer touches is through some greens on side or accent tables. I love succulents because they carry into summer. I usually put this cute little succulent that I bought at HomeGoods on this little table. The faux succulents look so real and I love how they add not only color but texture. The faux succulents at HomeGoods and Michaels are so affordable. And in my honest opinion, most succulents look faux to me even when they aren’t, so I usually go faux.

I also love topiaries and little trees. I have some topiaries sprinkled around the house and they are usually out year round. I found this delicate olive tree at Michael’s. They also had lemon trees which would look so cute for summer. I love the little olives popping off this one. Maybe once I’m ready to move it from its place, I’ll move it to the wine bar. Olives and wine go together, right?

family/living rooms

Do you have an old crock or basket under a table or by the fireplace? Maybe its stuck in a corner? Add some faux or real lavender. You may have some things stuck in the crock or basket already, like spindles, but adding the lavender gives a little bit of greens and texture. This idea can easily be changed out from season to season with faux cotton pods, pussy willows or evergreens.

Want to make a statement? Grab a glass vase, fill it with some small rocks or marbles and go to town with flower stems. You can use all one flower or color, or mix it up. Here I have a vase from Target Hearth and Hand with some black rocks at the base. I used some floral stems from Michaels. The first picture shows it with all the same flower in white. Recently I added more stems of the same flower, but in a soft peachy pink. I added a second type of flower that was bigger, but in the same peachy pink. The added flowers definitely makes the arrangement pop on the table. Its a statement bouquet and can carry me though summer as well. Once we hit fall, I plan to change out the flowers and add something that’s fall worthy. But for now I’m loving the soft romantic look of this arrangement.

Finally, the DIY arrangement. I put together with some pre-made bouquets from Michaels, and it was inexpensive and super easy. The pre-made bouquets were $5, and I already had a floral block and a little aged silver glass container. If you have a container and some styrofoam, you can probably do this with things you have on hand. I hope this was helpful as a way to quickly bring in some Spring touches to your home,


  • Various faux flower stems, cut down to size. I used a pre-made bouquet and bent the stems to height. The bigger the flowers the few you need.

  • Filler greens. Mine came with the bouquet but you can buy a hand full of greens to use as filler.

  • Floral arrangement block. You can use a square of styrofoam as well.

  • Container

  • Wire cutters

What you do

  1. Place floral block or styofoam in bottom of container. If necessary, secure with two faced tape.

  2. Poke stems in block, working around bottom and filling in one side and then opposite side. Place flower on top. Continue to fill in flowers as you go around the arrangement. Fill in with greens.

  3. Make sure all areas are filled in and tweak as necessary.

Put block in container

Put block in container

Arrange major flowers around sides and top

Arrange major flowers around sides and top

Fill in with greenery

Fill in with greenery