DIY: Fall Tablescape Accent

How to make your own wishbones for Thanksgiving


I love a pretty table for the holidays. And while the holidays are still a couple of months away, I wanted to share this DIY project with you so that you have plenty of nice weather left to scavenge for one of the materials. This is a DIY that I had family members laugh at me when I told them of my plan. My husband and son were so helpful walking through the woods with me one cold fall day last year (and that’s why I’m sharing in September). The family members who laughed, chuckled or shook their heads because they didn’t see my vision will remain nameless. But I think even they will agree that the finished product was pretty good.

This is a DIY that will force you to go outside, is inexpensive, incorporates outdoor elements (which I think is pretty cool), is unique and (I think) very pretty.

So how did I get this idea? Sometime last fall, I was looking at pictures of fall tablescapes for my Thanksgiving table and I saw one with gold wishbones as an embellishment for each place setting. So, as I usually do, I took to searching and scouring websites for small gold wishbones. Found them! World Market. Oh oh, sold out. Hmmm, Etsy? Yes! Nope, not at $25 a piece and they were too big. Hmmm. Idea pops into my head.

And the rest is history. I didn’t take any pictures of the process, but I think you all know what twigs and branches look like. And if you’ve every spray painted ANYTHING before, I think you can handle this without a step by step pictorial. I saved mine to use again this year, but they are easy and inexpensive enough that you can toss them if you want (but I bet you won’t).




  • Twigs or small branches

  • Clippers

  • Spray paint

  • Newspaper (or something to lay twigs on while painting)


  1. Look for twigs or small branches that form a V. Don’t worry if they look more like a Y. Just visualize a wishbone. Look for uniform thicknesses, but it’s alright if you can’t find them all the same size or thickness.

  2. With a clippers, clip the part of the twig or branch by the point to make a wishbone shape. In other words, make it look more like a V than a Y. Or a Y with a little leg.

  3. Make sure the “wishbones” are free of loose bark or other outside debris. So clean them up a bit. 

  4. Lay “wishbones” on protected surface. I’m giving you this idea now versus in November so you can do this outside. (You’re welcome.)

  5. Spray wishbones with spray paint. I chose gold, but any color will work depending on your tablescape. Other color ideas include silver, rose gold, white, black, green. Compliment your centerpiece or your dishes.

  6. When dry, flip and do other side. Look for any missed spots and spray again if necessary.

    Here’s how I used mine. I tied a ribbon around each napkin and inserted the wishbone and a sprig of eucalyptus.


After they were on the table, no one saw them as twigs - they were wishbones. And if anyone wants to take this to the next level, I’m going to suggest glitter.

Hope this inspired you to bring a bit of nature into your home, whether it’s branches (spray them), acorns (glitter them) or anything to enhance your table. If you’re proud of it, that’s what counts. It will be beautiful!

 Have a wonderful day!