Candles to Fall for

My fall picks for candles


I have a confession. I love candles. I may even overbuy candles. Or hoard them. As much as I love buying them, I also enjoy displaying them and burning them. If I have a favorite, I’m sad when it’s done — so I always buy another two or three in case they stop making that scent. For years that scent was Bath & Body Works Thanksgiving candle. It was so … yummy (I apologize in advance for how many times I use a variation of yum in this post). Then they stopped making it. So, I did my research and found out that the scent was actually the same as the Pumpkin Pecan Waffle Scent. Guess what? Yes, I stockpiled those. I probably have five on hand if anyone’s interested in trying that one.

I love a fall or winter evening with a candle burning, making the house all cozy and smelling good. My favorite scents tend to be those scents that makes the house smell like I’ve been baking. For fall, I love pumpkin scents but I also those that smell more woodsy. Luckily I have a husband who doesn’t mind candles, and those that smell like a hint of a burning fire are his favorite. As Christmas rolls around, I love the pine and cinnamon scents. But those baking scents are still high on my favorites list.

In the past year or so I’ve discovered some new brands I like better because - not only do they smell good - they burn cleaner. I hate seeing that soot stream above the flame that settles on the ceiling, cupboards or anything around it. I thought I would highlight some of my favorite brands and scents for you in case you need to get any candles for the upcoming fall and winter season. I also think candles make great gifts, so think of that as the season unfolds.

I’ve been rotating through all of these the last few weeks and I love them all.

Sand + Fog


First up, of course, are candles I get at HomeGoods. At HomeGoods I buy the flameless candles and don’t usually buy real, scented candles. Part of the reason is because they tend to be cheaper brands (I.e. soot) and their containers are not always my style. The exception has been the Sand + Fog candles.

Sand + Fog are soy candles and the fall scents are in these pretty matte black containers with wood tops. The Pumpkin Latte scent I found fits right into my yummy category. And it looks so pretty. So if you’re at HomeGoods, check out the candle aisle for this brand.

Another problem I have with HomeGoods candles is that they don’t have many of the same, and they go quick. So if you find one you like, chances are there won’t be any more when you burn through the one you love. So, while HomeGoods may have something you like and at a low price, it is a hit or miss.

But don’t worry, I have you covered with some fabulous candle makers you can try!


Illume candles are a favorite of mine. They are a Minnesota based company (which is home for me) but you can find them anywhere from Nordstrom to small boutiques. Their candles burn clean and their containers are beautiful.

The scent I’m burning right now is Rustic Pumpkin. It’s in a beautiful cream container with a wood lid and leather handle. The scent falls right into the yummy category and it’s a larger candle so I hope to get many evenings’ use out of it. I was at a local boutique the other day and this same scent was front and center in their store and in a variety of sizes and containers. So whether you want something on the small side without a long commitment or a larger one that can carry you though the fall, this candle company gives you choices in terms of size and style of container.

I love supporting a local business, and when I’m buying an Illume candle I know it’s a quality candle and I’m supporting a local Minnesota business. So if you see them when you’re out shopping, open one up and smell. You will love it, and it smells just as good when burning.



Since joining Instagram I’ve started following a lot of popular home decor bloggers and I noticed one of their favorite candle makers is Antique Candle Works. These candles are made in Indiana by a small team who uses quality soy wax, lovely fragrances and mason jar containers with a simple “farmhouse” look label. I also love how every order comes with a little sample candle so you can smell another scent (and then want!)

I got hooked on these candles last fall after ordering their Pumpkin Spice, Autumn Leaves and Apple Pickin scents. I then added winter scents like White Pine, Christmas Day, and Good Tidings. Oh and Momma’s Kitchen, which fits into my yummy category. This year they added a new fall scent called Fall Harvest, which I love (of course). I don’t really burn many candles in the summer, but this year I tried their Sweet Lemon. When someone mentions lemon to me, I think of Pledge furniture polish. Not this – this is like Lemon Meringue pie. I haven’t found one yet that I haven’t loved. But I have to admit, my two favorites are Autumn Leaves and Momma’s Kitchen.

You can’t go wrong with any of their scents, and their description of scents on their website is so helpful when picking. Every month they have a featured scent which is also discounted, and they have a few sizes to choose from in case you don’t want to commit. Sign up for their email and you get a discount on your first order. Try them, you will love them.



The last, but certainly not least, candle maker I want to highlight is a new find. Attic Eleven. I discovered Attic Eleven on Instagram and she not only makes the cutest candles, but has some very unique scents. A post on Attic Eleven’s Instagram account caught my attention — she named her fall scents after one of my favorite movies, Hocus Pocus. And of course I couldn’t try just one, I had to get the whole set (I warned you earlier about my stockpiling tendencies but ordering the whole set was justified if I was going to do a blog post on candles, right??!! It’s work after all.) Along with my order I also received some small tealights of three other scents. They all smell so good.

This is what her site says:

Attic Eleven candles have magical qualities that provide sensory benefits and the ability to transform the atmosphere of any home. Every candle is delicately hand poured in a small batch, with special attention to detail.”

Magic? Well I could use some of that! The Hocus Pocus set also settles right into my sweet spot of candle scents, with a few that are yummy and some having that woodsy or fire smell. And one smells like you just cut open an apple (and maybe a little hint of caramel to make that apple taste better). My favorite is the Sanderson Cottage and Another Glorious Morning. And 1693. Oh wait …. Well, I just love them all. Her simple mason jar with black lids appeals to my aesthetic so that’s just icing on the cake.  Please check out her shop, I mean who else has roasted coffee as a candle scent?!  There are so many candles I want to try, I don’t know what I will order next. But I hope she makes the Hocus Pocus set again next year, otherwise I’m going to need to stock up.

I will happily return to these candle makers to replenish when my candle is nearing its end. But I am comforted by the fact that not only will they have the scent I want to reorder, chances are they will have a whole selection of other scents for me to try. And all of them come in containers that can be repurposed, which is even better.

If you have a candle need (yes NEED), whether for you or as a gift, check out one of these candle makers. I love supporting local and/or small businesses and the above three fit right in. Do you have any favorite candle brands I should try? Because I need to try some winter scents!

Have a good week everyone 🍁🍂