School Mornings Bring Dark Circles

Reflecting on the end of summer (and what product is going to help me this fall!)


I promised myself that I wouldn’t rush the seasons when it came to this blog, but it’s getting really hard to avoid the fall topics when my Instagram feed is filled with images of pumpkins and cozy décor that shouts crisp fall weather, plaid, football and Halloween. (So I'm going to use some summery images here to keep summer a little longer).

At our household we are partially in denial, grasping to the last bits of summer … and not mentioning the “S” word. At the same time, we are attending open houses, getting supplies and backpacks together, and shopping for any last minute wardrobe needs. I’ve thoroughly loved every stage of my kids' lives, but each stage means different experiences. When they were toddlers, I happily entered September not having that touch of sadness about the end of summer. But those days were short lived and we’ve now had many more years of school starts than we ever had without. So when I see those pictures fill up my feed in August of all things Fall, I get a little sad.

My kids are at an age where I can honestly say this summer thing is getting easier and easier. They now sleep in so I can sleep in (and make up for all those hours of sleep deprived nights when they were babies). Once school starts, half of our family is up before 7 whereas in the summer we sleep well past 8. They both entertain themselves with different hobbies, became more self sufficient in getting things to eat, and were so easy to travel with when we took our summer vacations. They get themselves ready for bed so no more time spent tucking them in. So I will miss summer. But I also realize that they need to go back. We need our household back on a regular schedule (OK, I felt like I had to say that but I don’t know why). They need to be around other kids their age. Their brains need more educational stimulation than this lazy summer have given all of us.


I’ll miss spending mornings and early afternoons with my kids, knowing what they’re doing and how they’re feeling.  I’ll miss that laziness of the mornings and the use of my name from different corners of the house - handfuls of times. So many things that I can’t even think to list.

But one of the things I’ll miss most is sleep. My body clock just doesn’t let me go to sleep before 10 and starting Tuesday I’ll be up by 6. At least 2 hours a day earlier than the summer, 10 hours a week. And it’s going to show on my face. A couple of posts ago I wrote about taking care of your skin, with drinking enough water being very important. I didn't talk about sleep, because sleep is such a precious yet personal schedule requirement and some of us just can't get enough. Lack of water and lack of sleep will show up on your face, and especially under your eyes. There are other causes of dark circles, some being hereditary or allergy related. So what to do?

Fake a well rested face and focus on the under eye area. I recently discovered Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder that not only made my under eye area look better, it also cut down on eye makeup smudging onto that area. No one likes to look in the mirror at 3:00 and see that their mascara or eye liner has migrated down and is headed for their cheeks. I found that this powder helps better that any I've tried before. And I've tried many.

Here's how I use it

  1. Apply an eye cream to the under eye area.
  2. Apply your favorite concealer to the under eye area (I like to create a triangle, going down along my nose, angling up to the outside corner of my eye and then under my eye). I aiso like a wetter concealer because I feel like it blends better and doesn't look cakey.
  3. Blend with fingers or a wet makeup sponge.
  4. With a little fluffy brush, apply the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder by tapping onto the under eye area. Don't swipe it, pat it (it makes a difference).



That's it! I just started using it this week but so far I love it. Maybe it will help us mask those tired eyes as we adjust to our new schedule. If you have kids headed off to school, good luck and have a great school year!