Pretty Little Places

Decorating the little spaces in your home


One of my favorite things to do when decorating our home is to find certain unexpected spots that I can style to add interest.  It’s the spots that can make you or your guests pause to just look. None of them are large spaces and sometimes it’s just a table or a space on the counter.  Plus it gives me an opportunity to use some of the pretty things I’ve picked up over the years during vacations or on my HomeGoods or Target shopping trips (I liked it, had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I bought it anyway). 

When we moved houses, I made a worthy attempt at purging anything I hadn't used or displayed in awhile. But I also rediscovered things that had been packed away. It also gave me a fresh slate to use things differently. Vases that were packed away went on top of the bookcases. A random tea cup is now perched on a few books inside a glass cabinet next to some other pretty things worth being seen.

While I’ve already mentioned how I like to style coffee tables, this would be an opportunity to give some attention to the side tables, the console table, or the little spot in your entryway. I've included pictures from around my home to give you some ideas of what I’ve done with certain spaces. Some of them I change seasonally – swap out the flowers for something else in the fall or winter.

Of course HomeGoods and Target are my favorite inexpensive places to find things to create or add to these spots, but some items I rediscovered by just looking around my house. Shop your house and move things around. If you do, these little style updates don’t have to cost you anything.

While its fun to start with the areas that guests will see, don't just leave it to the living room spots but give some attention to your kitchen, bedroom, or a guest bath. Have fun with it - it may be something that stays because you love it or you change it because you get a new idea. 

Do you have any spots you’ve changed up that makes you smile when you see it? Any areas you need to update and need some help with? Just send me a question in my About page and I’ll try to help you out!

Thanks for stopping by!