Spotlight on my Etsy Shop: The Home Envy Wood Bead Garland

5 ways to use wood garlands in your home


I’ve used these pretty garlands all over my home. I love the natural look of the unfinished wood to fill spaces, and the brass and suede tassel accents add more interest and finishes the garland off with a pretty end.

Here are 5 ways I use my garlands around my home. 

1. As a filler in a tray. Finding a few items to put on a tray isn’t hard to do, and then use these pretty beads to fill the open space on the tray.


2. Over a stack of books. Put a pile of pretty books on a table or bookcase and then drape the garland to add some decorating interest.


3. In an arrangement.  Add these beads to an already put together arrangement. No arrangement? Just add to a bowl and create your own centerpiece.


4. On a mantel. Sometimes it’s hard to style your mantel and make it look fresh or new. Adding a string of beads draws your attention there but it doesn’t look fussy.


5. In a clear vase. You can find a plain vase that was left over after that pretty bouquet was done. Put the beads in it and it will last until you get restless and want to find a new spot for them. Or until someone brings you flowers again.


My wood bead garlands can be found on my Etsy shop, TheHomeEnvy, in different colored tassels and brass bead accents. The wood beads are sourced from a U.S. wood shop and the brass accent beads are sourced from a bead shop in Turkey. Right now I offer faux suede tassels, being conscious of those who want an animal-friendly source. The tassels are handmade by me, and the beads are strung on faux suede cording that matches the tassels.

Check our my shop to see various ways to show off these pretty little things.

Thanks for all of your support!