5 Summer Makeup Products

My 5 favorite makeup products for summer and travel


The last thing I want to have on my face on the hot, humid days of summer is a bunch of makeup layers so I have a handful of products I use for that minimal makeup look. Scaling back on the products is also a great way to keep the products you need while on vacation minimal.

UHere are my 5 favorite (and necessary) makeup products for summer and for travel:

A tinted face sunscreen, I use this everyday. It gives me some coverage but also protects from the sun. Both this product and this line of skincare comes highly recommended by my skin clinic (I trust The Refinery Skin Clinic for their expert advice. If you're local, check them out. They're the best!)


I always need some color on my brows to make my eyes pop, and this is THE best eyebrow pencil. The color doesn’t budge during the day. It’s sometimes out of stock, so I’ve included my stand in favorite as well. The Anastasia is less expensive than the Burberry, although I like the quality of the Burberry better.

This is the best liner for staying power during the day. You can choose how heavy of a line, using a smudge brush for just a little color if you don’t want it dramatic for the day.



Mascara can be tricky. It's hard to find one that does what it claims to do and does what you need it to do. Length? Volume? No smudging? But one that does all three? Here’s one that I’ve been loving lately and it hits the mark on all three pretty well.


This brick gives a bronzing glow and the color range lets you use some of it for eyes or highlighting. It complements a summer tan or helps you fake one. If you're fair, there are lighter or rosier versions that will give you a glow but won’t make your skin look muddy.


And that's it! Five products that I've tried and stuck with. Hope this helps you make your summer routine a little less crazy and gives you a beautiful glow. Happy Summer!