Planned Spontaneity

Planning for the spontaneous moments this summer

My sisters and I joke about wishing we could be more spontaneous - but we are born planners.  We tend to plan out when we want to go places and, before we know it, we are booked up or planning those little trips and events. We have taken the spontaneity right out of our lives!


I don’t think we will ever take the planner part out of our personalities.  One thing that has helped - when we actually do something spur of the moment - is to make sure we are prepared and ready to go with the supplies we need and don’t have to spend an hour packing things for us and the kids.

Here are some quick and easy examples of our planned spontaneity:

  • Pool day - a dedicated beach bag stocked with their swim goggles, pool toys, sunscreen, bandaids and any first aid cream (make a little first aid pouch in a ziploc), and any other supplies you need for the pool. I also throw in a bag that has a extra set of underwear for the kids and then use this bag for the wet suits.  Get the kids in their swimsuits, throw on their coverups, grab your bag and go!
  • Beach day – a sand and water friendly bag stocked with sand toys, sunscreen, some shelf stable snacks like goldfish and applesauce, towels, bug spray, first aid items, beach blanket and hats. Have a cooler ready to go with some water bottles and other drinks. When you’re ready to go, throw in some ice blocks for the cooler, grab the kids and go.
  • Zoo day – a small backpack, diaper bag or whatever you want to carry with some snacks, sunblock, bug spray, first aid items, and water bottles. Grab the bag and go see the animals with your zoo.
  • Picnic day – grab that cooler for the beach day and have a blanket ready to go in the car. Swing through a drive through and go enjoy the beautiful weather with your little ones.

And since mom doesn’t want to always be the pack mule with multiple bags, find a cute little pouch that you can store your license, credit card, cash, membership cards, lip stuff, car keys and any other must have item. Throw that pouch in your purse, and when that spontaneous moment hits just grab that pouch and throw into the packed bag.

What’s on your bucket list for the summer? Do you like to plan or live each day as a surprise?