Coffee Table Style

What? I need to style my coffee table?

Maybe you’ve never seen your coffee table as a spot that can show off your home’s style. Maybe it’s been a collector of magazines or kid’s books? Remotes too? Or maybe it’s a change of season and you just want a refresh.

I’ve always loved to change things up as my style changes from year to year. There are some simple changes to keep your home’s style from being tired, static or outdated.

One simple way to give your table some style is to give it a focal point like a tray. You can use a tray you already have and either “shop your house” for the objects or head to HomeGoods, Target or World Market for some inexpensive decorative objects. Here’s how to put a tray together (I included some pictures to help you):

  • Find a tray that complements your coffee table size and shape.  If you have a smaller tray but a long rectangle table, add a stack of great coffee table books next to it for balance). Also, pick a tray that complements your room style but don’t be afraid to change it up a bit to add a rustic or elegant twist.
  • Find an object that has some height. A tall vase, candle stick, a shorter vase with flowers for height. Put this object in one quadrant of the tray.
  • Find 2 small books in a color that complements your room or a neutral like white, gray or black. Put this on the opposite side of the tray from your tall object. This is optional but adds some variation in height.
  • Find something that adds interest like a piece of rock (HomeGoods has amethyst or quartz pieces), a small picture frame, a decorative object like a metal ball. Keep it small and put this on the stack of books.
  • Find something that adds a pop color like a small succulent, a pretty candle or a little flower accent. Keep this pop of color smaller than your tall item and put it in front of your tall item.
  • Add something to add texture, like this wood garland to drape around the tray. It fills space and keeps thing interesting. It could be draped over the books if you are missing an item from the above suggestions.

The above are suggestions to give you a start. Once you have your tray together then tweak it to make it your own. When the seasons change, swap out a couple of the items and add a seasonal object (like a little pumpkin and fall candle for autumn, something glittery or magical for winter, flowers and rabbits for spring, something green for summer).

Here are some examples of trays I’ve done. As mentioned above, if your table is large then balance the tray with a stack of great coffee table books.

Have fun and good luck!