All Wrapped Up For Christmas Tour

Holiday hostess gift (and wrapping) ideas

It’s December, which is the season of giving and also the season of parties or get togethers. If you’re the one hosting, you know how much work it is to get the house ready, the food and beverages planned, and then putting it all together. And then the clean up.

Scout & Cellar wine, The Home Envy candle and Hearth and Hand napkins

Scout & Cellar wine, The Home Envy candle and Hearth and Hand napkins

Knowing all that, I want to let my hostess know that her effort is appreciated. If you find yourself in this situation this holiday season, I’m going to give you some ideas of what you can pick up, wrap cute, and let your hostess know that you appreciate her.

Here are some ideas you can pick up at your favorite boutique, Target or HomeGoods depending on where you live and what’s handy:

  • A bottle of wine, pretty napkins and a candle

  • A cute towel set, unique dish or platter, bottle opener

  • A pretty cookbook, some wood utensils and measuring cups

  • A set of hand soap and lotion, and a pretty bath hand towel

  • A cute scarf and hat


Mud Pie dish and bottle opener (GG Pretty Things, Chanhassen & Prior Lake MN) with Hearth and Hand towels

Mud Pie dish and bottle opener (GG Pretty Things, Chanhassen & Prior Lake MN) with Hearth and Hand towels

And now, how to wrap it to make it look special? I personally hate wrapping boxes. I grew up knowing how to wrap. My dad owned a clothing store when I was growing up and he knew how to wrap. We learned how to measure, fold and tape. I much prefer gift bags. But the kids love to unwrap, so I do wrap a lot of gifts for the holidays. But my efforts are pretty much destroyed within 15 minutes!

But when gifting something to an adult who will appreciate both the wrapped and the unwrapped gift, I like to get creative and package it in something that they can repurpose and it doesn’t involve wrapping paper or tape!

One of my favorite looks for Christmas is something that looks luxurious yet comfy. So for this example I’m calling it Woodland Christmas.

I picked up this buffalo plaid tin container at Michaels. I had some fur wine bags from Restoration Hardware (they look so luxurious but are always a bargain for how nice they are). I added a little woodland creature ornament and some pretty ribbon.


I folded one set of napkins and tucked it in the bottom of the container. I then added the wine bottle that is dressed up in fur. I tucked the candle in next and the other napkin set covers that. I hooked the ornament onto the bottle, and tied the ribbon onto the container’s handle. I also crinkled up the ribbon. Done! A pretty hostess gift that has some goodies inside plus everything it’s wrapped in can be repurposed and used again. No paper, no tape, no wrapping. How fun would it be to be a hostess that gets something like this when she opens the door? And when she’s all alone, after cleaning up that party, she can find all the fun things tucked inside.

This approach can also be used as an idea for so many recipients - from teachers, coworkers, a gift swap at work or a girlfriend.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to creatively wrap a gift as well as some ideas on how to put together a little something for someone who did something special for you this holiday season.

I’ve partnered with some of my blogging friends to give you more ideas and inspiration. They’re the same group who gave us all those fantastic pie ideas. So let’s go on over to their blogs and see what they have for us!

First up is Martha from Inside the Yellow Home. She has the prettiest wrapping with her parcel and pretty ribbon wrapping. Go check out her blog and see what she has for you!

Next is Dani from The Taborhood. Her pretty wrapping idea is a DIY for a beautiful watercolor gift bag. I’m loving the colors on this. Go see how to do it on her blog!

Jerri from Farmhouse Fun has the prettiest nature inspired wrapping. If you want to incorporate some natural elements into your gift wrapping, she has some beautiful ideas for you!

A beautiful blush theme is what Terrie has put together for you to see. Her ideas are on her blog at Decorate and More with Tip. Go check it out, it looks so pretty!

Cate has a beautiful black and white theme. She wasn’t part of our pie roundup but I’m so happy she joined us this time around. Go check out her beautiful ideas on West Magnolia Charm (isn’t her name the best?!)

Dori has a beautiful traditional wrap idea and it’s right up my alley. Her colors and wrapping are classic and timeless. Go take a look at This Full Life 5.

And last, but certainly not least, is our non-blogger but oh so talented Shea from Sweet Southern Grace. Her Instagram account is beautiful and she is sharing her brown craft paper wrap idea. Her Instagram is Sweet_Southern_Grace.

See the pics below and see all their talent and creativity!

And that, my friends, is a wrap! (See what I did there?!)