A Fall Tablescape

How to make a table special


I love eating at a well dressed table. I pour over images on Instagram and Pinterest. Some are for special occasions like weddings or holidays, buy I’ve seen some pretty impressive ones that were just set up because they were inspired.

Our meal times here at home are happening in shifts lately and it’s not so much due to after school activities as much as it’s related to the time we all eat lunch and are ready for dinner.  My kids eat lunch on the earlier side of the day and they are usually ready to eat dinner before 5. They also like to eat at the counter versus our table. So, while my husband and I seem to have a “date night” dinner most nights, we are lucky to have napkins and silverware on the table before the plate hits the table!

We have Thanksgiving at our house and I learned from my mom how to make a table look nice. Get out your nice plates, silverware and glasses. Check. Napkins and napkin rings. Check. Some type of centerpiece or candles. Check. But once I started to see the tablescapes people were creating I felt like I should step up my game.

We usually have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners at family’s houses so I’ve never had to do a Christmas tablescape but we found ourselves at home last Christmas Eve. So, I decided to make it special by using my Christmas china that I collected during my single years (I’d get pieces as a Christmas gift from my parents). And on Christmas morning I made a special breakfast and set the table differently. You know what? My kids noticed. My son now asks why we can’t have breakfast and dinner like that every day! I wouldn’t have thought they would  notice, but they did. And you know what? I did as a kid too, because my memories of dressing up and eating in our dining room on special occasions like Christmas Eve, birthdays and anniversaries are forever in my head.


I decided to try a fall tablescape that has a different look than I usually go with. I’ve always learned towards silver as my metallic but switched it up with gold accents and a more masculine plaid. My centerpiece you’ve seen before but I added some more pumpkins and eucalyptus to fill in. I bought these dishes and chargers at World Market last year (and they’re still available!). I didn’t have enough place settings of our china to accommodate everyone at Thanksgiving so I used these for the kids’ table. I love how neutral they are and they’ve been great plates to use when I want something more than our everyday dishes but I don’t want to pull out the china.


The runner and napkins are from Target’s Hearth and Hand line and I bought then last year as well. The gold napkin rings I picked up at HomeGoods and I decided to match them with this silverware set from Target. I’m so used to my silverware being a silver metallic so the gold adds something new.

My kids love to drink out of fancy glasses.  Martini glasses are fun even without the martini and I thought they looked more modern than a wine glass. We bought these from Crate and Barrel at least 10 years ago and they still have them.

So, after all that - what’s my point? It doesn’t take fancy or expensive items to make a table beautiful or special. Some every day or inexpensive items put together can give the air of a special effort and you never know who will notice. I was surprised the one who loved it the most was my (at the time) 9 year old son. Hopefully my kids will have memories of the special meals we had when they were growing up and pass it on.

Have a great day everyone!